Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch Mark Creams
Is it just women who experience stretch marks?

Actually, they are not alone. Stretch marks are extremely common among not only pregnant women, but also bodybuilders and adolescents who go through rapid growth spurts. Is it possible to get rid of them completely? Mostly, the answer is no, but there are ways to make them less noticeable.

Stretch marks are best known for showing up in the abdominal area for pregnant women. However, they can also show up on the arms, legs, buttocks and chest. They look reddish-purple in the beginning, but will eventually turn silver in color, which does help make them less visible.

Why do stretch marks occur? When the skin is stretched beyond its normal capacity, say in the instance of pregnancy or building muscle quickly, tiny fibers under the skin tear and create deep scars that look like stripes on the skin.

A healthy and varied diet helps us in many ways and stretch marks are no different. A diet that includes nuts, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and oily fish such as salmon, will not only help us to keep our figure, it gives the skin enhanced elasticity. This results in less visible stretch marks. Water is key to staying healthy all around, so don’t forget to consume at least eight glasses of water a day to hydrate you (and baby if you are expecting).

On the market today are several products that will promise to banish your stretch marks altogether, but in reality, lotions and creams can only reduce the appearance of stretch marks. They will improve the look of the skin in those areas and give the skin a bit more flexibility. One of the best treatments for preventing severe stretch marks is applying cocoa butter to your abdomen, arms, legs, or other areas that might be affected. The cocoa butter is known to keep the skin well-moisturized, which in turn may prevent the severity of the scars created under the skin.

Another method to help you in reducing the appearance of stretch marks is to exfoliate. Since the scar tissue damage is different for everyone, it is difficult to say with certainty if this will help a little or a lot. Exfoliation removes the dead skin layers and reveals fresh skin underneath. This could ultimately reduce the visibility of stretch marks. There are several scented formulas on the market today that are specifically geared for exfoliating. If you prefer to do this at home, use baking soda or oatmeal. No matter what product you use, always follow up with a good moisturizer.

If you have tried everything and nothing has worked to your satisfaction, there is one more option for getting rid of unsightly stretch marks. Keep in mind that once skin fibers tear under the surface, there isn’t any way to repair them. However, cosmetic surgery is one way to help improve the look of your skin by pulling it taut once the stretch marks are surgically removed. Obviously, this is the most expensive method by which to reduce the appearance of stretch marks (they may or may not disappear completely, depending on the severity of the scars), but it could be just enough improvement that you’d be willing to wear that two-piece swim suit (in public!) once again.
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