The Truth About Male Enhancement Techinques

The Truth About Male Enhancement Techinques

The truth is most men are sensitive about their penis size and late night infomercials are now targeting this market. In fact, the market is growing so huge, that the FCC is considering limiting the time of day these commercials should run. From Viagra to Enzyte, television is saturated with ads on penis enlargement pills and male enhancement drugs, and with a new market for Medicare approved vacuum pumps. The worst part about this industry is every male wants to learn the facts, but none are going to ask their buddy about what they use to make them larger.

So what is the truth?

Do these products work?

Well, that depends on what your expectations are. For those that are seeking simply to increase the duration of an erection, then medically approved products like Viagra or Cialis work well. But for those who want to increase the size of their penis, the issues are more complicated. Pills like Enzyte and Extenze have never been evaluated by the FDC for effectiveness and you should be cautious before sending out for their free samples because they are not free in the long run.

So what are some of the ways to enlarge your penis?


Involving cutting the suspensory ligament that controls the elongation of your penis, surgery does work and can even increase the girth by placing fat sheaths inside the shaft. This technique is known to work, but can have lasting residual effects like irregular tilting and the fat settling in the wrong areas.

Hanging Weights

One of the oldest and most barbaric ideas in male enhancement, this method can increase the length of a flaccid penis, but should never be done due to long term damage like lesions and insensitivity.


Some people promise exercise techniques to strengthen your member and make it bigger. But do not fall for this concept. The simple fact is there are no muscles in your penis and it can’t become larger due to exercise.

Vacuum Pumps

While these products do work, they are only a temporary increase due to pushing blood into the penis. There are real long term ways to damage yourself if using these with the worst being the breaking of the blood vessels in your penis.

Medication and Pills

As I stated, the male enhancement industry is huge right now and there are a lot of companies selling placebos and making millions of dollars off of men just looking for way to feel adequate. While there are pills that can enhance your erection, there are no FDA tested and approved penis enlargement pills, so take these pills at your own risk.

There is only one natural way to increase your penis size. If you are overweight, every thirty to forty pounds you lose will add about an inch to your size. So if you fat and small, lose weight, and if you skinny and small, there might be no help for you at all.