Sunrider Herbs are Food Herbs, Not Medicinal Herbs

Sunrider Herbs are Food Herbs, Not Medicinal Herbs

Q What products do you suggest that I purchase as I start your Nourish, Balance and Cleanse program?


A. These products are designed to work together. We suggest you buy enough product for a minimum of a month.

NuPlus Regular $103.60 - Bulk (Eat two scoops a day for meal times. This will curb your hunger and give your body proper nourishment.)

Calli Regular $12.50 - Regular 10/2.5 g Bags (Mix 1 bag per gallon of water. One galllon should last one person approximately three days. Start at this level for the first month. Gradually move up to two bags per gallon in months two and three. Calli along with Fortune delight will work together to gradually move harmful toxins out of your body.)

Fortune delight $12.60 - Regular 10/3 g Packs (After brewing the Calli, Mix 1 pack Fortune Delight per gallon of tea. The Fortune mixed with the Calli serves as the cleansing agent, moving harmful toxins out of your body.)

SunnyDew Sweetner - 1Fl. oz $23.90 Use this all natural sugar substitute to sweeten to taste.

Quinary 100 Caps- $48.20 (Take 3 caps a day to balance the 5 systems of you body. These caps work best when used together with the other products listed)

Total one month supply retail $200.80 w/o tax or $8.30 a day

Q. How can I enjoy a discount on your products?

Q. What do you mean by Nourish, Balance and Cleanse?

A. When one system of the body weakens due to poor nutrition, it borrows from other systems - weakening them, in turn. When a system has degenerated, most people of our culture substitute something (drug, supplement) for the body''s healthy function rather than provide nutrition. This often sacrifices good health to obtain immediate results. However, when the body is fed the right combination of nourishing and cleansing herbs in a way that provides balance among the systems, optimum well-being can be achieved.

Q. What does the term Regeneration mean?

A. Regeneration is an innate power of the body that strives toward order, balance and health. Given the proper nutrition the body can effectively deal with most health challenges.

Q. Please give some definitions of basic terms that Sunrider uses?

A. Regeneration vs. Substitution - The body has the power to heal and regenerate itself if given the fuel to do so. Regenerative foods heal the body. Substituting drugs for body functions weakens the body and leads to dependence.

Q. What are food herbs?

A. The ancient Chinese classified herbs into three categories:

Q. What does Sunrider mean when they use the word Enhanced?

A. Enhanced

Q. What does Sunrider mean when they use the word Concentrated?

A. Dr. Chen''s elaborate herb processing technique greatly increases the nutritional value of the final products:

A. A Distributor is someone who wants to experience our wonderful financial opportunity and/or build a Sunrider business. Distributors earn generous bonuses and retail profits by selling products and Starter Packs and finding others who want to do the same. Distributors can also buy products at a 20% discount off of the Sunrider Sales Price (approximately 40% off of the retail price). You can become a Distributor by purchasing the Starter Pack and signing the Distributor Agreement.

A Club Member is someone who wants to buy Sunrider products at the Sales Price. You can become a Sunrider Club Member for $30. When you accumulate $700 worth of products, you can advance to our Silver Club Membership and enjoy an additional 10% savings off the Sales Price. Accumulate $1,000 in 12 months, and you will advance to our Gold Club Membership and enjoy an additional 20% savings off the Sales Price.

A Retail Customer is someone who enjoys Sunrider Products. Retail Customers can buy products directly from Sunrider at the retail price. You can become a Retail Customer by signing up for free.

Q - What exactly is Sunrider and what does the Company produce?

A. Sunrider International is a world leader in the direct selling and herbal health food industries. Founded in 1982, the Company is a stable and growing company that is truly international with millions of Distributors and customers in over 40 countries. Sunrider produces products that are high quality, safe, concentrated and effective. The Company independently researches, formulates and manufactures over 400 nutritional, vitamin, herbal, household, cosmetic and personal care products. Sunrider owns and operates its own state-of-the art manufacturing facilities. The brand is one of the most recognized in China where Sunrider has over 5,000 retail stores. The Company has achieved great success through its excellent Distributor compensation plan and its award-winning products.

Q - Can I purchase Sunrider products in retail stores?

A. No. Sunrider products are only sold through Distributors or directly through Sunrider. In order to purchase products directly through Sunrider, you must be sponsored by an existing Sunrider Distributor or Customer. Integral Health Solutions connects people interested in Sunrider products or the Sunrider business opportunity with Integral Health Consultants to sponsor them. If you join Sunrider through an Integral Health Consultant, you will be able to view the password-protected sections of our site to access our unique product and business resources. By joining Sunrider through Integral Health Solutions, you will also be able to correspond with our consultants via email or receive support over the phone.

Q - Are Sunrider products more expensive than others?

A. No. Sunrider independently researches, formulates and manufactures the products to be safe, highly-concentrated and effective. When compared to similar non-Sunrider product, often times a smaller amount of the Sunrider product produces a greater benefit. Because of the quality and concentration, Sunrider products often last longer and are more beneficial than other brands. You will not end up spending more money by switching to Sunrider products!

Q - What exactly is the "Philosophy of Regeneration" and why is it so important?

A. The body has the tools to heal itself aThe "Philosophy of Regeneration" has its roots in ancient Chinese tradition and is the cornerstone of Sunrider. Dr. Tei Fu Chen, Founder and CEO of Sunrider, developed the "Philosophy of Regeneration" based on his extensive study of herbal nutrition and pharmaceutical medicine. Dr. Chen was a pharmacist who recognized that, although pharmaceuticals are valuable tools to treat diseases and their symptoms, the body has the tools to repair, balance and cleanse itself. To improve our overall health, we must nourish and cleanse our bodies daily with proper nutrition and the best combination of foods and supplements.

At the, we believe in the "Philosophy of Regeneration" and base our business on it.

Our three-point summary of "the Philosophy of Regeneration" is:

  1. Rgeneration happens with the proper nutrition.
  2. True nutrition only comes from whole, live foods.
  3. Every person must take responsibility for his or her own health.

Q - Can I cure "X" disease by taking Sunrider products?

A - Sunrider International and Integral Health Solutions do not give specific health diagnoses or promote taking specific products to "cure" any disease - that is the role of your health care provider. However, Sunrider provides highly-concentrated, high quality, nutritional, vitamin and herbal products that nourish and cleanse the body and can help promote health from within. Integral Health Solutions is happy to provide you with product recommendations based on the "Philosophy of Regeneration."

Q - Can I stop my medication or replace it by taking Sunrider products?

A. No! You should never stop taking or decrease any medication unless instructed to do so by your health care provider. Inform your doctor that you are taking Sunrider herbal products to improve your overall health. Sunrider products are intended to nourish the body based on the "Philosophy of Regeneration", not to treat or cure specific diseases or to replace your medications.

Q. What is network marketing?

A. Network marketing, or multilevel marketing, is part of the thriving direct selling industry. In multilevel marketing, independent Distributors sell a consumable product, person-to-person, away from a fixed, retail location like a traditional grocery or department store. Multilevel marketing plans compensate Distributors on their own product sales and on the product sales of their downline (network).

As a multilevel marketing company, Sunrider offers many benefits to its Distributors, including:

  • A generous, global compensation plan so you can build a stable income.
  • Flexible work hours--you choose your own hours.
  • Your very own business with a small initial investment.
  • Access to the finest herbal health products for your family and home.
  • Opportunity for people of all ages, education levels, and backgrounds to earn extra income.*

Your success is limited only by your willingness to work hard!

*You must be 18 or older to sign up as a Distributor.

Q. How is Sunrider''s compensation plan different?

A. There are many direct selling and multilevel compensation plans available such as binary systems and straight systems. However, Sunrider''s compensation plan is unique and superior in several important ways:

  • Make money from the beginning. In many network systems, new people have trouble making money right away because the money flows disproportionately to the uplines. Also, networks simply take time to build. Sunrider has a fair and generous compensation plan. In our plan, new Distributors can start making money as soon as they sign up. This is in addition to the profits new Distributors make from selling our award-winning products.
  • Make a stable, long-term income. Unlike other companies which pay out only 10% to 40%, Sunrider pays out 20% of Sunrider sales price for the Club Member Bonus and an actual 58.5% SV, one of the best in the industry. Rewards include generous bonus checks, dream homes, new automobiles, and fun vacations.* Other companies come and go, but Sunrider has been in business since 1982 and has never missed a payout.
  • Make money while you sleep. Sunrider has a global compensation plan so you can do business in over 40 countries. This allows you to make money around the clock.

* Sunrider makes no guarantee of any earnings or profits to any Distributor. Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership.

Q What is the Starter Pack? How can I buy one?

A. The Starter Pack contains a selection of our best-selling products and essential marketing tools. It’s our most popular product pack and introduces people to Sunrider''s high-quality products. We developed the simple Starter Pack system to help you quickly build your Sunrider business. When you purchase a Starter Pack, you can sign up to be a Sunrider Distributor.

You can purchase the Starter Pack from your sponsor or directly from Sunrider. It''s a small investment to enjoy the best business opportunity and the best products.

Starter Pack I includes
  • 1 Calli® 10-pack
  • 1 Fortune Delight® 3 g 10-pack
  • 1 SunSmile® Fruit & Vegtable Rinse 1 oz.
  • 1 VitaShake® 10-pack
  • 1 Sunbreeze® Oil .17 oz.
  • 1 SunSmile® Herbal Toothpaste 2.3 oz.
  • 1 Kandesn® Regular Skin Care Trial Set .5 oz. ea.
  • 1 Shaker Bottle 16 oz.
  • Sunrider® Sales Price List
  • Sunrider® Product Catalog
  • Business Guide
  • Distributor Application
  • $30 Retail Profit (paid to Sponsor)
  • Q. What is the first-time Director Performance Bonus and Marketing Tool Pack?

    A. The first time you qualify for the Director Performance Bonus, you will receive your first-time Director Performance Bonus check and Marketing Tool Pack. The Marketing Tool Pack contains professionally designed tools such as the Simply the Best® brochure, Company Profile, Product Catalog, product brochures, training CD-ROMs, and DVDs. The Marketing Tool Pack contains everything you need to successfully present Sunrider and train your downline. It is also available for sale.

    Q. Are the negative stories I''ve heard about Sunrider true?

    A. Sunrider is a successful international company operating in over 40 countries. Like every large global company, Sunrider has faced challenges, rumors and criticisms in its history. More importantly, it has weathered tough times and come through even stronger.

    While we embrace the opportunities the Internet affords, we understand that people can post negative stories and criticisms about Sunrider or find disputes that have long been resolved. We feel that there is nothing to hide because we believe in the integrity of our business.

    The book Journey to the Sun sets the record straight about Sunrider''s remarkable story. In it you will learn about Dr. Tei-Fu Chen''s life from his humble beginnings to the formation of Sunrider and the challenges he and Dr. Oi-Lin Chen faced in making Sunrider a successful global company. Sunrider continues to grow boldly and with greater knowledge and experience.