Calorie and Carbohydrate Counters

Calorie and Carbohydrate Counters

recently received an email offer for a hand held computer

that contains food fact tables, non volatile memory to hold

the user's input data (food types and amounts, height, frame

type) and calculates the total calories or carbohydrates

that the dieter might want to track or limit.

Rather clever, and it will probably sell well.

However, if the dieter chooses safe food types, he/she can

eat huge amounts without ever counting either calories or

carbohydrates, and still lose weight. Of course, limiting

consumption to moderate amounts will speed weight loss, and

allow stabilizing at one's ideal weight.

Rather than reduce or bypass parts of the digestive system,

the most effective weight loss surgery is to staple ...

the mouth.

Here's a useful secret. A small amount of fat can satisfy

hunger better and longer than a large amount of low fat

protein concentrate. Restrict that fat to low- or un-

saturated types, such as available in nuts, eggs, legumes,

perhaps an avocado (if you are near the low cost sources),

and you won't put your cardiovascular system at risk. Some

use of truly lean meats can be healthful, but don't overlook

soy bean tempeh and similar high protein plant foods which

have no saturated fat. Eat as much as you can hold of

vegetables, fruits, and grain foods, prepared without added

sauces, sugars, dressings, oils, butter, margarine, cheeses,

and so forth.