Colon Cleansing Health Spas

Colon Cleansing Health Spas

Colon cleansing is something which many people would like an expert to do for them. Some people decide that it is a positive step towards the prevention of colon cancer, especially if they have a family history. Many people do not have the time or desire to do it themselves and so would rather go to a colon cleansing health spa to have someone administer the treatment for them.

Some colon cleansing spas use enemas. These are a treatment that can be done at home, but it can be easier to have someone do it for you and some would just rather have someone else do it. If you have a medical condition, such as diabetes, then an enema can cause you to become unwell and so being at a specialist spa means that you will be with someone who knows what to expect. It can be possible for a diabetic to see a sudden blood sugar drop if they self administer an enema.

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A more well known method is colonic irrigation. This is where a liquid is put into the colon to wash it out. It is hydrotherapy and water is used, sometimes with detoxifying ingredients added in to it. There are two systems, one is open where the waste washes out of the body and there is an accompanying smell which many do not like. The closed method uses a tube so the waste is expelled down the tube in a less embarrassing way. You will need to ask what method is given at the place you have in mind and then decide which you think you want to use.

Side effects of colon cleansing can be a concern for some people. It causes changes in the body such as blood sugar, electrolytes and blood pressure changes and these will be monitored at a health spa. Ask about the techniques used, how they monitor things, whether they use sterilized water and how far they insert the tube. Also ask about their qualifications and find out whether they are professional and have a good reputation by asking around and finding information online.

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